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I want t be able to share some programs i have with others.

I have a stand alone PC with windows XP Pro

I use a modem ( no router,no network )

I have Verizon DSL

When i read all the help files,i don't understand alot about the settings.

They mention Networks & ports etc.

Being not that literate about this.

Can someone help me out with what i have to do to share my programs because i dont want to just take & not give back.

Is there an easy way to set my PC to share ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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What the bit torrent comunity needs most is seeders, so be sure to set your pc to seed each night when you sleep, and when you are away.

That is the easiest way to share.

If you have something that isn't already availble in torrents, then you can make a torrent, and share that way.

If you have more specific questions regarding this, feel free to ask.


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