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program refusing second CD

tim myth

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Hi everyone:

I am new to this torrent sharing thing, so I have a problem. I recently downloaded a game called Star Trek: Elite Force II and it is an iso file. I mounted the file “CD 1.iso” and started installing the file on my computer half way through the installation it asks for CD 2.iso. So I mounted CD 2.iso onto another virtual drive but the installation does not continue. Instead another menu for CD 2 pops up telling me to install CD 1 :huh: I have tried extracting the files in each individual .iso file into separate and same folders and trying to reinstall again but nothing is working. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Please do not extract the .iso files, or you will get nothing but dynamic link liberary (dll) errors.

Your problem is that the installation is looking for the second disc in the same cdrom drive as the first.

Simply unmount the disc image, and mount the second and your installation will continue.

It is a common problem, as the developers of the game did not anticipate someone installing from more then one cdrom drive.

If this doesn't work, then you might have to burn the discs.

I use Alcohol 120% and have no problem switching discs during an install.


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I uninstalled the incomplete installation. Now I get this screen when I try to mount CD 1.iso:


When I click Play nothing happens and when I click uninstall nothin happens. Should I just forget about this game and move on :unsure: I can't complete installation of the game.

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If you uninstalled it, then of course it will neither play, nor re-uninstall. Your only valid option at that screen would be to install it before you can do the others.

Most installers, when asking for another disk, will give you the option of browsing for it. When you select that, you'll see a window that tells you the name of the specific file it's looking for.

Mount the second disk and use Windows Explorer to locate that file/make sure it's there. Then you'll know exactly where to direct the installer, or you'll know this download was a waste ot time because it's missing a needed file.

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