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what is the port for

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Any port over 30,000.

Do you have a Firewall NAT Router? If you router has a firewall you may need to port forward, NAT is not a firewall.

What software firewall are you using? If you're just using XP SP-2 firewall you'll be fine.

Folllow this guide. http://www.p2pforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=24731

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Dark Shroud, yes NAT is not a firewall.

But, any device that does NAT whether it has a firewall or not, will need to have a portforwarding rule if you want any unsolicited external traffic to reach a device on your internal LAN.

When any unsolicited incoming traffic hits your NAT, the NAT will drop that connection unless it knows where to send those packets. That is where the portforwarding rule comes in. So if some unsolicited traffic hits your NAT on say port 60000 then your router will look for which internal address to route that traffic to, based on your portforwarding rules. This is why you cant have the same port forwarded to two different internal devices, it will cause a conflict.

Now this does not affect solicited communication. If you send a request out to an external computer your router will store what device and what port that information was sent from in the NAT table, so when the external device responds to your solicitation the router will know where to send the response because a temporary forwarding rule is stored in the NAT table.

And this is why many routers are being brought to their knees by the DHT Network. With DHT enabled, as soon as you start up Bitcomet it sends out hundreds of UDP packets within about a minute. Now these are supposed to be tiny connectionless UDP packets but i think that a lot of stupid home-user routers store these as actual connections for way too long in the NAT table. This table gets filled quickly and things "go boom" as it begins to "overflow". Short of fixing the hardware either through firmware updates or just buying new hardware, I have no idea how to solve this issue without seriously slowing down the DHT Network. This is what the Gnutella Network has dealt with and their answer is Ultrapeers, those people that have the crazy fast connections should ease the burden that a DHT places on a normal DSL/Cable/Satellite connection.

But what do I know, a lot of people think that Gnutella has problems which I agree it does, though it has come a long way. As of yet there is no perfect solution that takes into account the weak hardware and still is very fast and efficient. I hope this all made sense to you Dark Shroud cause Im sure the original poster got lost at NAT.

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