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Hello all,

I realize as a newbie that probably all the questions I could possibly ask have been answered already, but anyway...

I really enjoy Bitcomet, and hunting down movies and books I haven't seen or haven't been able to find in years. However, I'm also aware of the Universal Galactic Mandate - give back a little of what you receive...!


I read the FAQ but it isn't really very clear about some of the headers on the top of my transfer box. I see one column shows U/D ratio but I'm not really sure what it indicates. So to make it absurdly easy for me (Downloads for Dummies) I would like to know simply when it's good etiquette to shut off the upload after the download reaches 100%. Many of mine read at 0.5, 0.9, 1.5, and sometimes 5.5. So - what does this mean, and when would I be cheating someone else out of a great movie?

So far, I leave it open for a day or two after reaching 100%. Sometimes I leave it open for more. Sometimes I leave it up for as long as I still have one download to finish (could be a week or more). But when would it be proper - or what would the U/D ratio be - for a polite closing of the task?

Trying to help a few like me, with appreciation.



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The U/D ratio indicates bytes uploaded divided by bytes downloaded.

Nearly all SOHO broadband connections are not symmetrical, and can download much faster than they can upload. When you've finished downloading a torrent, you probably haven't uploaded nearly as much as you've downloaded, and the U/D ratio, often expressed as a decimal product, indicates how far out of balance you are.

A ratio of 1.0 or higher indicates that you've uploaded as much or more than you've downloaded. Because of that asymmetrical connection, it will normally take a lot longer to get to that ratio than it did to merely complete the download.

As a general rule, you want to seed until your ratio reaches 1.0, or 1:1.

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I will also add that its not a good thing to run a lot of torrents at the same time, as this will divide your limited upload bandwidth among many peers, giving almost nothing to any one peer.

My broadband is 8megs download and 0.768megs upload

I would never run more then two, and often only run one at a time.


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