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What is .avi.bc! ?????

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hey guys,

I have BitComet installed and running well.

I downloaded a movie and it is saved on my hard drive as the pink panther.avi.bc!

My question is, What is avi.bc! ????

I know .avi is a movie format, but how do I get rid of the .bc! extension?

Thank you

P.S: The files downloaded from BitComet are saved in a folder with the following path C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\

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i tried plenty of media players but the all cant play the file i want, which is avi.bc!.. i d/led it long ago so i dun have the history in my bitcomet after i reinstalled my OS. and i dunno whats a reseed. someone pls help me here. im desperate. please!

an email would be much appreciated. thx :D


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