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0.70 wrong calculated size bug


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this is normal... as you initiated the torrent with all selected thus the space reserved is = to the whole torrent.... if you erase the files (not he torrent and force bitcomet to hash check it so that it starts again (at 0%) you will see that now that your initializing with only what you chose that the reserved space matches what you chose.

(i got confused in that explanation)

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I will add to this explanations.

if a file is only 1K in size, it may need parts from several "pieces" of the torrent.

Example, parts 1, 4 and 8, each being 5k in size.

Therefore you would need to download 15k in order to keep the 1k file.

Since selecting files within a torrent is not a part of bit torrent protocall, but an enhansement added in some clients, this cannot be avoided.


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