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im a noob also


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im a big noob. first off i went to a site and click the " download link to the file" the file log onto bitcomet but hasnt started downloading for a day, it says theres 7 seeds so i dont kno the problem... when i installed bitcomet was there any confirguration that needed to be made? i did read alot of post but could really understand the tech terms screen shot would be very helpful.. this is why i joined the infantry rather goin to school. heh. thank you for help

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The chief differences are minor subfeatures -- what you personally like and don't like -- and how they perform on your particular system. Some versions of some clients have real problems that are difficult to track down.

Basically, there are three competitive clients, with most of the rest lacking really important features. The Big Three are Bitcomet, Azureus and µtorrent. Each has its fanatical adherents, and its fanatical detractors. Most people should try all three and stick with the one they like best. I think BitComet is probably the easiest to learn, with possibly the best support from what I've seen. Azureus is open-source and can support plugins, so it's potentially the most capable. But when it comes down to it, there's nothing much to choose between all three except subfeatures.

There *are* some to stay away from. These include anything you're asked to pay for; anything supported by adware/spyware; anything without clear provenance; and anything without reasonable support.

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