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how to reseed an existing torrent?


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Newbie here. The torrent that I download usually contain a movie file and also other files such as a text file, HTML file, and even a player. I only download the movie file and ignore the rest. By the way, I usually change the file names of the files that I download. If one day there is a need to reseed an existing torrent, what should I do?

1. Is it okay only download the files that I am interested in?

2. When reseeding, do I need to change the file name to match the ones in the torrent?

3. Remember that I do not have all the files in the torrent, is the easist way is to download the files that I exclude first before doing a manual hash check?

Thanks everybody who has participated in the forum. I learn quite a bit going through the topics you guys have posted and answered by those wonderful persons out there!!! Keep up the good work!


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Hi KC,

You are correct that you would need to return the file names to their orignal names to reseed.

Also, you would not beable to completely seed a torrent if you have not downloaded all the files.

It is usually best to download all the files, as then you will be able to seed properly.

One reason is, although you may have the complete "movie" (for example), but a tiny file.txt may be included in one of the needed pieces to complete that movie, which not having that complete piece, you would be unable to provide the complete movie.

Selecting which files you want is good if (for example) you want one episode of a tv series, and the torrent has many, but to deselect small files and links will only cause you headaches later if you need to reseed.


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