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a way to view the movies without burning?


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Hi guys,

I'm new to the torrent downloading, but I've slowly got a hang of it! It's great! But I found that most of the movies are bin./cue. files. I know how to mount the images in alcohol and so on, but most of the files needed to be burned on disk. Now I was wondering if there's a way to view the movies without burning?

Thanks already,


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Accually the answer to your question is in your post.

Mount the .cue file in alcohol, then open the disc in any media player such as Media Player Classic.

If your media player can't play vcd discs, then browse the disc to the "mpeg" folder, and play the mpeg file.

However, if your movies are Kvcd encoded, they will never look good playing on a computer (kvcd is designed to display on your TV screen, not computer monitor)


download "VLC player" from videolan.org


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Well, I've tried the player you advised (VCL) and it worked. So, I think the files are vcd and kvcd encoded. But the quality is really bad. Now, last time I've burned such a image file it looked also really bad on my tvscreen. How can I see if it's good quality before burning it? Does the torrent need to be as big as possible? Or does it depend on wich file it is? And wich torrent site has got good movie files? Thanks!!

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If you could send me a link to where you got the movie I could tell you more about it.

as or kvcd movies, they vary in quality depending on who encoded it.

A good encoder can take a commercial DVD and encode it to 1/10th the size of the orignal dvd, and still look good.

I'm sure you can imagine this is not an easy thing to do.

Many downloaded movies are made form other then dvd sources, some are "cams" (taken with video recording equipment (camcorder). They range in quality from poor (crap, bad sound, fuzzy picture, people walking in front of camera, etc. ) to very good,

Some labled as "t/s" have a digital audio track added to a "cam", or "t/c" (telecine) which is when the orignal film is scanned frame by frame. These ususally look very good, but not dvd quality.

The best quality would be dvdrips (made from DVD)

If you want to try some of the kvcd films from my release group (tus, the usual suspects), they are all listed on demoniod and sladinki trackers.

Most can also be found on Mininova as well, just do a search for "tus", or the movie you want to find and "tus"

Our films are known world wide as being among the best, but be careful, there has been alot of fake "tus" movies made by anti P2P groups like MPAA and such.

Our torrents will be in .bin/.cue disc images and never zipped or .rar.

Here is a link if you want to take a look at some...



ps. I gave you this info because its the easiest way to tell if a movie is good quality, tus won't do a movie if the source is bad,

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There are a couple of points that need to be understood.

Video DVD has been with us for quite a while now. That new DVD player is using technology that was around fifteen years ago. The craft of encoding digital video has not been standing still all that time.

Modern encoding methods are much more efficient than they were when DVD was invented. But general DVD players haven't kept up with it. To take a modern video and re-encode it in order to be compatible with DVD players, is a giant step backwards. There will be size, all of which will be wasted. There will not be quality. The video will not become better, for all its incredible growth. It will become slightly worse than it was.

Suppose you've downloaded a movie that was placed in an AVI wrapper and encoded with DivX and MP3. This will not work in most DVD players, though there are some newer ones that can handle it.

If you re-encode it so that it is compatible with all DVD players, that 700 MB file will grow, and grow, and grow, to 3 or 4 GB. It will take up almost all of a DVD. You get nothing, absolutely nothing, for all that extra space, except compatibilty with an old technology. The process will take several hours of your computer's time. The output will be slightly worse than the input.

So no, size isn't an assurance of better video quality.

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Thanks alot you guys!

I now figured out some things. I find that most .avi files from the maker axxo are good enough quality. Good enough so I don't get irritated by the music or the graphics ;). And those files are all around 700/800 mb. About a tenth of a dvd, like you told me. And the bin/cue files are also good enough and I get them to play on a rewritable dvd. I always asumed that was not possible...some fony rumor I think. Don't believe EVERYTHING you've been told, LOL. But thanks again for your explanasion. It made things alot more clear to me.

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Most .avi file are good quality, but will not play on most dvd players.

Also, Kvcd is designed to burn to a CDr disc NOT a DVDr disc. Although you can burn them to a CDrw disc, some brands of cdrw will not play on all dvd players. I burn all my Kvcd movies to CDr discs, which I can get for pennies each when buying bulk, so I see no need to get rewritable discs.


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