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Speed problem!!!! Please please help!!!


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I have got single office laptop with modem and router to connect to internet.

First internet cable connects to modem and from modem to router and then to my laptop.

There is no other computer/laptop connected to router.

This router is because, I don't have admin password for the laptop, so I can't change tcp/ip properties.

At present I have very poor speed - 10kbps with 256 kbps broadand.

The laptop has windows XP SP2.

Also I am using BitComet 0.70 and below toolbar displays DHT not connected.

Please tell me what option/preferences should I select to get maximum speed ???

Thanks so much in advance.


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Concerning your speed issue, first is you made an error in reporting your speed. You are in fact downloading at 10kB/s (80kb/s).

Since bit torrent protocall provides more download according to how much upload you provide, it might not be easy to get you alot more download.

Do you know how much your max upload is?

Since most users have much more download then upload, I will assume yours is much lower then your 256kb/s (32kB/s).

If you had equal upload speed, then I would expect to see torrents running in the 20-30kB/s range with 256kb/s

Now, to get the most out of what bandwidth you have, you must forward your listening port in your router (if you havn't done so already)

Portforward.com has guides for doing this with most routers.

You are also going to want to setup a static IP address in windows (guide also at portforward.com)

With everything setup properly, I think you may see speeds approaching 20-30kB/s on extremely well seeded torrents, but without matching upload, you will not see this speed often or consistant.


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You won't be able to set a static IP without access to the connection properties. You can use IPCONFIG to see what your current IP address is, then set the router to forward your listen port on that address. However, you will have to change it every time your IP address changes. You'll be able to detect that it happened because you no longer have any remote initiations.

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