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Docs? You want documentation? Geesh, you'd holler if you were hung with a brand-new well rope!

Um, no docs, alas, so we're all just taking our best guesses. It looks like the "not loginned in" thing is part of a gradual and incomplete incorporation of features from BitComet Lite (not at all what it sounds like) for some future purpose.

Reports from the field indicate that there are several new defects in 0.71 and 0.72 which have been widely commented upon. The best advice at this point is to stick with the last stable version 0.70

I wish I knew more to tell you.

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post-8510-1158714231.jpgMaybe it's not the same but... i'm wondering what the " not loginned in " in the bothom of the page means and would it help me if i was "loginned in " ???

i see the green spot and info that says DHT connected node:0 also...

is it normal ?



did you not even look at the post above yours? BITCOMET 0.70 IS THE LATEST STABLE VERSION AVAILABLE. IF YOU ARE USING ANYTHING ELSE, GET V.0.70 NOW AND YOU WON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS. hope this clears things up for everybody. B)

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Concerning versions .71 and .72

I cannot speak on behalf of our developers

My perspective is that these were a major overhaul that wasn't ready to be released just yet.

All of the good members here (thank you all) are getting very tired of repeated questions concerning some of these new features that are not even enabled in the new interface.

Please accept our appologies, and download out latest STABLE release...


I personally wish these new versions had "beta" tag, but I can assure you that our developers had good intentions, and continue to work to improve the client.


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