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100% = 99.8% ?


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I have a strange problem while using BC: part of my downloads don't ever complete, even if BC says the file is 100%. When I try to redl the file, BC shows something between 98.0 - 99.8 per cent and begins to download the file, but it will never complete. Only choice of mine has been deleting to file from my c-drive and start from the 0%. It's such an annoyance while using the program.. :angry:

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What kind of files are these? Sometimes ones that are 99.8% are usable, especially if its video files or pictures.

If they are video files then try opening them with VLC player and you may find that there is nothing wrong with them.

It is also possible that these are fake files.

It is also possible that your router is corrupting a certain packet meaning you cant get that last piece.

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Files are video files, I think they've always been .avi-files. I've tried bsplayer and VLC player, but neihter works. And I don't think they're fake files, cause yesterday I kept redownloading a file and after hours it finally worked..

What I can do about the router thing? I'm behind one, but I don't know anything about them actually :rolleyes:

[edit] It migt have nothing to do with this but this problem has only appeared while downloading a separate file from a batchtorrent. [/edit]

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First of all, make sure you are not using BC 0.71. I am using 0.70

Make sure that in your setting the following fuction is selected:

When download is finished

Hash-check again when the download task is finished.

It will make sure that you get a complete copy every time. You can also select Manual Hash Check any time if you suspect the percentage is not accurate. If it shows 100% and then after that it shows a figure less than 100%, yes BC will download the remaining parts for you. I don't know why you say that it will never complete, but the setting will make sure that it will check for 100%. Using this setting I don't have to delete the file and start from the beginning any more.

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