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I have a problem. Everything is working perfectly except this:

Connected Seeds: 0 (Max Possible: 0)

Health = 0%

I know for sure its not a bad torrent. I looked back at isohunt, both seeders and leechers were somewhere in the 1000s. Come on, its prison break season 2.

It just happened suddenly. All downloads froze where they were, not only that torrent.

When I looked at the Peers tab, everyone was frozen at 98.2%, which was where I was.

btw, Uploads are fine.


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You may just have a dead torrent.

The number of peers reported on the various web sites was at some time in the past. Maybe the recent past, maybe long past, but the past. Your client doesn't care about the past, only who is out there now. So the first question is, are you connecting to the tracker? If it's reporting an error, you need to find and fix that.

If you are connecting and scraping succesfully, then the tracker's telling you there are no seeds. This happens when a torrent is old and nobody's seeding anymore; or if there was some problem with the torrent, reported in the comments or related forum, so everybody but you knows it, and the torrent was remade and reposted to fix the problem. The current torrent would just be abandoned and most of the swarm migrated to the replacement torrent. The old one should be deleted, but poor housekeeping is rife. It can also be that there was a non-fixable problem, so there is no newer torrent.

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@kluelos: Tracker Response OK, reannounce in 600s.

Under the tracker tab, it shows various trackers returning peers.

I have confirmed that it is not a dead torrent because the seed/peer/all are all in the 100s except for seed.

Another reason why its not a dead torrent is because connected peers is 27 with the max possible in the 400s. How can it be a dead torrent if I can upload at llike 20 kB/s?

@Dark_Shroud: the same torrent was present at both mininova and isohunt.

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If the seed is 0 and health is also 0, that means there is no way to go beyond 98.2% in your case until someone which has data that you need (the remaining 2.8%) connects. It happens to me quite often beacuse the shows that I download are not that popular. If I were you, I will wait... Hopefully sooner or later, someone who owns the remaining piece of data connects, or a seeder appears, you can complete your download.

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