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No download on Uni network


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Hi there,

Im wondering if anyone has had the same problem, i have used this laptop with the same install of bitcommet a week ago on my home network and now moving to uni i cant do any thing it doesnt find any seeds or peers so im stuck, to put it politely.

I have herd about "tunnels" but only have a rough idea how they work and dont no the best one to use or how to set it up for bit commet. is a tunnel the cure or am i barking up the wrong tree.

I dont think the network im on has a proxy as i dont have to put any details into my internet settings, any ideas?

Thanks for your time,


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You could try disabling your listening port, but if that works, your downloads will be very slow.

The only way I know of to avoid this is to get your network admin to provide you a listening port (perhaps a case of cold beer would be a sufficiant bribe, unless you happen to know some cheerleaders)

I have a friend who has her bit torrent download done at her home PC then she can download directly from her home PC using a secure server program (she uses "Waste" from sourceforge), it is both free and secure, and makes setting up a private network between friends very easy.

Perhaps other staff/members here can suggest a better way to use bit torrent on your school network.


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