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i deleted my file now how do i get it back?


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basically, your operating system deleted the files (windows), so you will need a recovery tool to look for the raw data on your hard drive, in effect, bypassing the F.A.T. (file allocation table).

I have had good results using (Ontrack) Easy Recovery Professional.

However, to have the best chance of recovery, you will want to run the program from a different partition or hard drive then the one your windows is on (windows can't run the program properly on its own drive).

If your computer has only one hard drive, with one partition, then it gets complicated, as you would need to remove hard drive and install it in another computer, or install a different harddrive (with a windows version) in this computer as pirmary drive.

There are also recovery programs that can boot from a cdrom drive, this might be a better solution then swapping arround your hard drives.

However, if you are using this computer, you are likely damaging (overwriting) your lost files each time you use it.


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