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I have downloaded the following now im stuck what do i have to use to burn these on to a cdr or dvd r?

final destination 3

ps2 cars mdf,mds

ps2 miami vice mdf,mds

ps2 sensible soccer mdf,mds

ps2 fifa 07 iso

ps2 fifa 06 mdf,mds

ps2 sega sports tennis mdf,mds

ps2 world super police mdf,mds

ps2 tourist trophy mdf,mds

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I believe I answered some of this before, but the (mdf/mds) is simular to a (bin/cue) disc image. The one file is the accual data, the small file is the instructions for your software to burn it.

Basically you get Alcohol 120% and it will not let you use the wrong disc type, but figuring out the disc type is easy.

For Data discs, a cdrom will be about 700megs, for video, a cdrom disc will be about 800megs.

A dvdr disc will be 4.38gb or smaller.

Your .iso disc image can also be burned with alcohol, or nero. Once again you can tell by the size.

these torrents often come with a file.nfo that you can open in notepad to read comments about how to use the torrent.

Concerning your movie, you didn't specify the file type, so I can't advise you on that.


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