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sharing violations


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Ok, for starters perhaps you can provide the following...

What windows version are you using?

What bit comet version are you using?

Is this a windows error message? or a bit comet error message?

does the program crash? or freeze? or just return to current status of not downloading?

Have you tried closing and restarting bit comet?

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hello the unusual suspect. i'm having the same problem. im using windows xp, not sure about the version of bitcomet, but i think itz the old one, not sure if itz a windows message or bitcomet. but here's the situation: i left my downloading screen on and left the house. when i came back, there was a message that said sharing violation occured while accessing blah. i clicked the "x" button to exit out of that message box. and then i exited bitcomet. when i clicked on the icon again and tried to download, it worked. the problem, however, is that i want to know if this is associated with some legal/ copyright issue. might it be that they put trackers on the file i dl? cuz i heard that if you get caught sharing some files u might get sued and a settlement costs like three grands. so please tell me if i should stop downloading or does this have nothing to do with legal issues. thank you!

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hello unusual suspect....

one more thing. i read faq and it said something like the message may have popped up because more than one program was opened at the same time. for me, i got the message even though bitcomet was the only program opened. what should I do? should i stop downloading or can i continue? i'd really like to continue, but i'm scared of getting sued. thank you!

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This has nothing to do with legal issues or being sued.

If that is your concern, I suggest you get peer guardian and update your IP lists daily.

This error message sounds like a windows error, when windows file protection (which is crap) stops access to a file. When WFP is working properly it will stop two programs from using a file in ways that might confilict with each other.

Many people have found that this also produces countless false messages making it very difficult to move files within folders, and deleting files and such.

I have disabled WFP, which I will never use again, but this does make it easier for users to damage their operating system, so I only recommend this to users who know not to delete system files unless they know what they are doing.

If you want to learn more about this, type "disable windows file protection" into google, and you will get many links to read.

I will NOT post instructions on doing this in the forum, because this is not something we support, and do this at your own RISK.


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Just to emphasize that a bit, "sharing violation" is computer-speak for "something tried to use a resource that something else was already using". It has nothing at all to do with file sharing out here in the real world.

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