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Computer keeps restarting


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I don't think what you are describing is related to bit comet, but if you are using any version above .70 I suggest you remove it and install this stable version.

If this is rebooting at regular intervals, I suggest you turn off all the powersaving options until this is resolved.

I also suggest you visit microsofts support site, as they have numerious posts on fixing simular symptoms.


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I would also suggest you run your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Something maybe abuseing your computer's connection.

This might be the most logical answer. But my anti-virus has not reported anything.

Report on what has happened with me.

Last Sunday whenever Bitcomet was running for long period of time (excess of 10 minutes) It would go to a Blue screen and then restart. Sometimes it would then get stuck at the booting Bios part.

The last piece of hardware added to my computer was a DVD RW over 2 weeks prior, and before that an external modem.

So I dont believe it is a hardware fault as the computer was recently serviced 3 months ago (new motherboard, power unit, fan and processor.)

Original assumption was I picked up something nasty via a torrent, I uninstalled all recent downloads and performed a system restore back to friday.

It continued to plague me, So I uninstalled Bitcomet and updated to the latest version (I was a number of versions behind.) This seemed to clear up the problem as Bitcomet did not crash again.

That was until last night when leaving Bitcomet on to complete a large download over the night the machine crashed again. So I came here.


Had a look at the blue screen. It seems Bitcomet is doing something to annoy my Atapi.sys file which causes the crash. If that is similar with everyone else, then we can go somewhere with this.

I do know one user getting this screen from bitcomet said it was a file to do with his modem that caused it.

thats all I have to report.

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