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my dvd hell


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I posted a guide for doing this with nerovision, which is one of the easiest to use, but not the best.

Basically, if you have a good quality video, it will re encode to dvd flawlessly. If you have a recording with commercials poorly edited out, with pixelations and such, your not going to get a good result unless you reedit the video, and use more powerfull encoding software. Of course this pretty much throws the word "easy" out the window.

If you are going to get nero, get version I just finished testing this version, and its far superior then prior nero seven versions.


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Ouch you still giving that nero Don :lol: :lol:

Well here ya go its twice as quick and simple as nero

Not to take away from Don I loved it when he showed me Nero :)

Creds to me for writing it :lol:

Sorry for the colours and fonts I just edited my posy =copy/paste where I created it :P

But my favourite is CONVERTXTODVD Its quick simple and easy

get it here


1.Either open your file in convertx or drag it in

Normally I can fit 4 episodes of Sopranos on one dvd with good quality


Now to keep it simple I wont go into encoding the default settings are good

Now if you want put in your own little menu

Go --Settings---Authoring and browse for your pic

You can also add text change fonts etc..


Now pop in a dvd and click convert

4 pisodes of sopranos will take about 3 hours



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Hehehehe! Now that's the way docs should be made! :D Diagrams (pictures), small amounts of text in between the pics, and happy faces smoking BIG joints! YAAAAAYY! :lol: hehehehe

So when I go to burn a DVD from an .AVI file (or two), I just go buy ordinary blank DVD-R/W discs? Are those the right discs to get? ???

Funky1980 rocks hehehehe

[Edit:] Eeh, I'm going to assume that ordinary blank DVD-R/W discs are the correct ones to purchase. I'm pretty sure they'll work just fine hehehehe

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You may not need to go through any of this.

Many of the current crop of DVD players will support MPEG-4 video files encoded with DivX/XVid. In other words, these will play may of your .avi files as is, without needing to convert them. This is vastly more efficient, since video DVD uses the much older and less efficient MPEG-2 standard. Where you can fit perhaps 4 epsidoes of a show on one disk, using MPEG-4 means you can fit the entire season on one disk, at better quality.

Keyword to look for is "DivX". If your player doesn't support it, you may want to consider getting a new one. Quality players run under US$100, and this will save you many, many disks, and many hours of time. You don't have to convert movie files anymore, just burn them as data disks, just as you downloaded them, and most will work just fine.

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