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Linux and/or opensource client?


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It seems to me, bitcomet is free anyways eh? do any of you think its a good idea to politely ask for a source? I can understand the programmers not wanting to waste alota time behind making a port but, Bit Comet is kinda the s***. Its by far the best torrent program iv found out there, and linux users dont really have jack in the way of nice C/C++ torrent programs (ctorrent is alright but limited, and azureus uses java which is a horrid memory hog). I know a good number of C++/OOP programmers who would all be willing to help give it a shot (myself included).

That aside though, BC rocks teh house :)

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Does anyone have experience with running BC on Wine or other Wine based emulator (f.e. crossover)?

I use macs running Mac OS X. I use utorrent through CrossOver for Mac. Except for one problem which I can work around easily, it works great. I tried installing BC through CrossOver, and it was installing nicely until I was told I needed to install IE 6.0 or above to make a certain windows file available. Now, running a windows program I like on my Mac is good, but installing IE just so another program will run is out of the question. For what it's worth, that's been my experience with trying to run BC with CrossOver.

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