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port-forwarding problem


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i followed the steps to make a static ip, so i changed all those addresses in the "protocol tcp/up..." section of my network connection. then i went to which is my dns server address and theres this box asking for username % password, i put admin and nothing to the password and it loaded to a blank page with "401 unauthorized" on the top left corner. after that, i can't go to any websites and my torrent stopped

one thing is i'm pretty sure that it is the correct username & password since it won't even load if i put in anything else

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Since you were able to get the router to respond when asking for username and password, it seems that the problem is with your router.

It would prob be a good idea to call their tech support first, but many routers (not sure what kind you may have) have a reset button to clean any settings and delete any passwords.

You will then need to redo all your router settings, but should allow you to access router.


ps. I still recommend your routers tech support first

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You should try reading your router's manual. It will tell you what the default username and password are, to access the router's control suite.

As soon as you have access, the first thing you do is change the password. That manual is available online, and many, many routers use the same defaults, so just about anybody will be able to get into your router and lock you out of it, if you don't change the password. Change the password. First.

Do read things, and read them carefully. When you get to portforward.com, there aren't any "unnecessary" parts, or things you can skip or ignore because you don't understand them.

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