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re-seed tens of times

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I have no idea if re-seed equals the meaning of "stop and start" of a .torrent, but I really was doing that job non-stop last night. :blink:

I was downloading an anime OVA; but until I stopped it and then restarted it, it would go up to 13KB/s, and then fell down to 0KB/s in a few seconds.

So, I had to stop the .torrent and then started it again many many times.

Please tell me if there is an option in BC v0.7 that can help me solve this problem. :blink:

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ReSeeding is when a person that has the files completed, and starts the torrent up again to enable others to finish downloading.

This is completely unrelated to your issue.

Here is a link to help you learn a little about bit torrent protocall...


As for your problem, it could be that there are no seeders for the torrent. If so, you will see a bit of download when first starting, but after your client and the other peers realized they have no pieces you need, it will stop and wait for someone to seed.

The simple answer is to avoid torrents without seeders.

The only other option is to find the trackers website, and request a seeder.

If however I am wrong and there are seeders present, that is because you did not mention this in your request for help


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