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99.9% Seed!?

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I've been seeding a big file, this one: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3531869/Logan_s_Run_[1976]. I made the torrent with MakeTorrent v2.1 and u/led it there at The Pirate Bay with that site as the only tracker. When I began to seed the 4.11GB file, it read in the "%" column in my BitComet, correctly, 100%. I can't seed all of that in one session, so sometimes I close my BitComet to seed more later.

Well after a while I took a look at my client and it said--and says--in the "%" column 99.9% instead of 100%, and even though there were many leechers at around 33% almost all of them, the Health column reads 0%! I look at it now and most of the leechers are at around 40%, but Health still reads 0%! 8/ What the h*** is going on!? ??? Just to see if it would help, I right-clicked on it in BitComet to do a Manual Hash Check, but the option is grayed-out.

The only guess that I have as to what caused that--though I still don't know what's going on--is that I put some files and folders in the same containing folder of the seeding file, but that containing folder already had some other files and folders in there to begin with. And anyway I'm only seeding a single file in there.

I don't wanna seed 99.9%! No way! I wanna seed either the full 100% or none at all. But I really wanna just seed 100%.

What's happening? Will all the leechers get 100% of the file? What can I do (and hopefully FFS something short of deleting that torrent, then recreating and resubmitting it, and in the process piss [now] 216 leechers off!)? ??? 8-/ Help!

I'm using BitComet v0.7.

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It's a kind of contradiction. If you don't have 100% of the file, you are by definition not a seeder and not seeding. So let's not get tangled up in the terminology, nobody can "seed 99%". You're either at 100% and a seeder, or you're not and you're a leecher even if you're only uploading.

I've seen 0.70 do this, and frankly don't know why: it will seed a torrent for a while, then suddenly decide it doesn't quite have all of the file anymore. So it reports that, and the "health department" correctly says that nobody in the swarm has the whole torrent, even in aggregate, so it drops the health. That last part is good behaviour.

Stop the torrent. The hash-check option should now be available, so try it. Hopefully it will decide that it's got the whole thing again, and you can restart.

(I'm not saying that's the way the terminology should be, I'm saying that's the way it is now. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of both: nothing was wrong with "uploader" and "downloader" in this context, and "leecher" has long implied something else.)

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If some of your date became corrupt (could be many causes, including bad sector on hard drive), then you could need to redownload this data.

I'm not sure what caused this, but there is a common issue with some routers that rewrite some data in packets making them fail hash check, but this is usually a downloading issue. I've never seen this when seeding, but have a read anyway...


If you have the full file at a different location, I would try restarting the torrent with that location.


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Hey, thanks! It worked! :D

Apparently (according to the Comments on the torrent's page) some people got the file just fine and perfect despite the changing of the file. Some, however, reported that the file was a bit corrupt. But I think that those that begin the d/l after the intial seeding was complete also got the file perfectly, as the replaced source-file on my computer works fine.

Thanks again! You rule!

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