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Viewing bin/cue files on my PC


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I've just downloaded my first bin/cue film. I read the messages about needing VLC player to view them on the computer. So I downloaded and installed VLC player.

When I play the movie, I only get sound ... I can't seem to get a picture. I've tried every setting I can find on VLC, but I just can't get a picture.

I've previously downloaded .avi films and I have no problems viewing these.

Can anyone help ?

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VLC must not have the right internal codecs to play that vid

So you need to download either daemon tools or alcohol 120%

then mount the image on the virtual drive those programs will create

Now you can play whatever is contained in the image as if you were playing it off a normal CD

Use Windows media player or some other player

Just make sure you have the right audio/video codecs to play the video

If it still doesnt play in WMP, then you should download CCCP which includes FFdshow which plays just about anything.

If it still doesnt play then download Gspot which will tell you what codec that video file needs.

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I ran alcohol 120% and mounted a virtual DVD drive.

In windows explorer (on the F:\ drive) it showed a directory (MPEGAV) containing a file called AVSEQ01.DAT whose size was about 800 MB.

I opened Windows media player 10, selected to 'open file', navigated to the above directory on the virtual drive, changed 'file type' dropdown to 'any file (*.*)'. Then i could see AVSEQ01.DAT, double clicked on it and Bob's your uncle ... IT PLAYED !!!!

Thank you BitDave.

My only comment is the film is really low resolution and grainy. I don't know if that's because of the process i just went through or that the film is grainy to start with. Anyway, it's watchable, so thanks once again.

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