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Scheduling Torrents and Power Saving Please Help.......

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Hi there i've always been a great fan of Bitcomet and have been using it since last year and its GREAT!!! But the one thing that i found that was needed for users all around the world would need to know is.

Question 1.

How can i schedule a torrent to start in BitComet immediately after a torrent has finished?

BitComet is a great program that allows the user to download many things to enjoy and some of those things are very large files. Question 2. Can you guyz please supply me with some power saving tips for BC?

Much appreciated Cheers

David :) :D

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Use the "Maximum Simultaneous Download Tasks" setting to limit the number of active torrents. The remainder will be queued instead of downloading. When one of the active ones finishes, the next one in the queue will start.

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Many power-saving functions, including screensavers, are badly behaved. Generally, you should disable all of them including any in the BIOS, then re-enable one by one and test at length before accepting them.

The most practical one is just turning off the monitor, as TUS said.

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