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Errors accures when starting bitcomet


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I don't know what caused your bit comet to crash, but these screenshot are an error reporting function so our developers can analise the cause of the crash.

If it doesn't reoccure, then don't give it another thought, and continue to use it.

If it does, then continue to send the error reports.


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You will need the XML interpreter. Try downloading it again, you must have it in order for this version to function. Use the search function on the download page to find the latest version.

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I not really sure what happen with this, & I'm telling that I couldn't get the download of MSXML3 from official website.

Need help to solve this errors... Btw, I'm noob on computer>.<

I was getting this message a lot and it continued to crash. At the time I had not upgraded and was still using 0.62. So I upgraded and am now using 0.70 but when I go to search the message "The page cannot be displayed" comes up. This happens on all "channels". Then I tried to see if I can upload/download a task I already had and it is still trying to connect after about 10min. Is this because my subscription has run out? How can I check and renew.


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I have the same problem with you > <

yesterday I still can download files with BitComet 0.70

but today it has the problem,

when I open it, it can download files but slowly...

after a few minutes, it fails to download files and

says it has an error and asks me to send a error report or not...

When I send it, it is closed by itself.

I open it again... after some time...it happens again...

I really don't know why it happens...

My computer is new ..only for a few days...

I have tried to upgrade to 0.73..but the problems still happen...

Please help me to solve it > <

ps: my english is not well.. I'm chinese... but please ..help me ...~><~

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than mines more worse?!

I just download and install,

after that, I open it and like this...

**Then link for MSXML3 from Bitcomet website works but non for download--so i must find the website myself, & i get even more confuse...

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I really don't know why T__T

Last night...I could open and download files in 15mins...

but aften then...it still had the problem..

sometimes few minutes... even 5seconds...


I need it to download files ~><~

I have sent the error report..

but till now ... still have no reply....


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I don't know...

My computer is very slow now,

I think I'll gotta reformat it again...

Cause my friend doesn't encourage any problem when he use it...

Even my cousin's computer also same, nothing happens...

If I got any problem I'll come back...

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