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bt hub port forward

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Hi guys

ok i just changed over to a bt hub from a bt voyager 206 and used to have my ports opened as they should be ...but the new bt hub is covered in the how's to f.a.q for a bt hub FA-50 mine is the bt hub 64-C1 and the software is not the same .

Although despite my best efforts to open my ports i have so far failed so i must be missing something somewhere

is there any one who can help or have the same problem as bt have offloaded quite a few of these things

many thanks

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yes but not the for the bt hub 64-C1

Hi razerindemix.

Is it the new white and shiny Bt Home Hub.

Like this One .. http://www2.bt.com/static/i/btretail/consu...ehub100x100.gif

If it is,Port forward.com don't have it yet.

I got mine to work like this...

First u need a static ip address.You can find info on static IP's at lots of places but http://www.portforward.com/default.htm is where i went.

Second ....forwarding ports ...

open hub manager

Click "Advanced" then "switch to another user"

You may have to enter name and password.

Usually it is "admin" and "admin".

Then select "toolbox"

Then select "game and application sharing"

At the bottom of screen select "create a new game or application"

In the "NAME: NEW NAME" part put Bit Comet.

Then click "manual enrty of port maps"

Ok here u need to know Bit Comets listening port. You can find it at the bottom of here " bit comet/preferences/connection"

I have read that a port between 50,000 and 60,000 is best.

"protocol"=TCP,UDP,ANY..........set to any.

"port range"=Bit Comets listening port (same number in the top and bottom box)

"trigger protocol"and "Trigger port" i left blank but u can read about them at http://www.portforward.com/default.htm.

Click "add" then click"Assign a game or application to a local network device"

Under "game or App" scroll down to Bit Comet" and select it.

Under "device "pick the pc that you want the ports forwarded to.

Click "add".

Thats it....your done.

You need to configure any Software firewall you may have and remember to check windows firewall.

Good luck

And please let me know if this works for you. ;)

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that didnt work, well the part where you gotta login well apperntly the username is bthomehub@btbroadband.com and you leave the password entry blank. but that doesnt work for me :(, i just want to forward some ports, i also tried admin for username and admin for password but it didnt work, also when i bought my homehub my brother canceled it but we still got it for some reason, and could that be the cause of my problem? meaning the server 192. something requires a password but it cant because we canceled? also the way i get onto hub manager is, i go to my network places then click where it says Bt home hub

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Did your brother or someone else set a different password?

if nobody set up a password and the default ones dont work

then you should look on the hub for a reset button

you usually need a toothpick or something but anyways push the reset button for like 5 seconds

then you should be able to use the default password and you will have to set everything back up again,

including the WAN settings that your ISP uses.

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WAN=wide area network


Most routers have a small hole (very small) with a reset button inside.

Your router must be powered on (with most routers), and a small probe inserted to press the button.

If you go to the manufactors web site, you can prob download a user manual that will show its location.


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Hi ya!! O.k, so you've held the reset button on the back of your BT Home Hub, you need to hold this in for 15 second's, you'll hear the Home Hub click. Now go to your Hub page and when it askes you for your pasword and user name put "admin" in the username and use the serial number on the back or bottom of your home hub for the password. Your home hub upgrades it's firmware atomatically so you should have the latest software on it which, by default, should be "admin" for the username and the serial number as the password.

Also, just lately when you double click on your hub manager and it takes you to the hub sign in page BT have been automaticly asking you to change the password before continuing. Just remember when you change the password before going into your home hub this is the one you will use to sign into it rather than the home hub's serial number. The username will still be "admin". I hope this help's you mate! Good luck!! ;)

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You might want to pay some attention to the dates of posts you're replying to. The guy raised the issue in October of 2006, more than a year ago. You can safely assume that he solved it, or did something else, and is probably not still checking this forum hoping for an answer.

It's quite pointless to answer very old posts.

Topic closed.

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