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help with music files..

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Hola, I'm a very fresh user of BitComet and I downloaded my first torrent which was a Gorillaz album with 14 songs and I downloaded the files in the torrent. After that I tried burning them on a cd using Ahead Nero. That did not work. Then I tried playing the music in Windows Media Player and a message came up saying something like "media file format not supported." Winamp also would not play the music.

I began to look through the forums to find a solution to my problem. Would I need to download the CCCP codec pack to be able to burn the music files and start jammin to my music? I've never used any torrent related program so I'm just trying to make sure of what I need to do.

And if I do need to download CCCP, how would I go about installing that on my computer? In other words, what is recommended to install to play videos and/or music downloaded off of BitComet? Oh, and one other question.. would I be able to put these video and music files downloaded off of BitComet onto an mp3 player such as an Ipod?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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You did not include the most important bit of information.

What files did you download?

Some torrents are done in mp3 files, which you can play in your ipod/mp3 player, or convert to audio cdrom with a program such as nero.

There are also other types of audio files, and some torrents are compressed arcives, which need to be opened first.

As for CCCP, this is a codec pack (video decoders), so I would recommend installing if you plan on playing various types of video you download on bit torrent.

Some types of audio will require plugins to play in programs like winamp. Most of these are used because the preserve the music quality better then mp3 files, but many mp3 players will not support them, but converting them to mp3 would not be hard, nor converting them to audio cdrom.


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