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Router issues

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Okay. I have a wireless router. I went through the IP config and tried to plug the numbers into TCP/IP, and couldn't get on the net. Sooo, I put the numbers back, went into Netgears config thingie, and configed to match the IP address on my IPConfig that I was getting.. now I'm using my neighbors wireless becuase I can't get onto the net at all on mine.

I'm sooo confused.

I'm pretty sure my issues with the bittorrent download are the router, but since I'm on a wireltess I dunno if it works the same or different.

Plus.. now I can't figure out how to get my router back to how it WAS before...


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many routers have a tiny hole in the back to reset to default.

When you get it working, go through the port forwarding before you enable encryption.

Now when you enable encryption, you will not be able to connect until you enable the encryption on your computers wifi adapter.

I can't give you specific step by step, but port forward.com has very good guides.

I would also recommend setting a static IP address in windows, or your settings might not work when you reboot.

I also suggest you look on routers web site for a user manual (if you don't already have one)


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You have probably tried to configure the wrong thing on the router.

It has two "sides" or parts. One side is for connecting to a WAN, or in this case, to the Internet. You must configure this side according to your ISP's instructions, and if you change it, it will stop working as you have seen.

The other side, the LAN side, is yours and you can configure it however you please. All of the settings and static IP configuration that portforward talks about, are for the LAN side, and not the WAN side.

If the settings talk about SLIP and PPPoE, you are on the WAN side. Leave that alone. If the settings are about things like the DHCP pool, you are on the correct side.

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It's saying my IP address is different than what it says my IP address is when I do the Ipconfig...

I tried a bunch of ports and I'm getting an error that reads:

Error: I could not see your service on ***.***.*.* on port (8370)

Reason: Connection timed out

Sorry for the annoyance. I'm wondering if this is something I need to call my ISP about? Maybe ask them for a static IP or call my router people and talk to them about it... I don't know where my issue is I guess. Eveything else works. I can FTP, I dont' have a windows Firewall because they'rea nnoying as h*** and it's turned off. I have a software firewall which I have allowing Bittorrent through... and I dont think my wifi card has a firewall or blocking of any kind...

so any other suggestions?

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Well, portforward has guides for setup on most routers, so I suggest you follow their steps.

As for IP address, you have an external IP address, and an Internal (for your lan).

If they have a guide for your router, it will have every step, with pictures.

If your isp doesn't provide static IP address, then you may have to edit your router setting from time to time, or ask them if they can give you static IP.

As for contacting your ISP, and/or router support, I'm sure they know far better then we could about your connection/router, so this is a good idea, but I think the guides at portforward shoiuld suffice.


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I went throught the portforwarding.com information.

I did everything it told me to do.

I went through Bitcomet information and did everythign THAT told me to do.

It's not working.

I did ALL This BEFORE I posted here.

I understand about routers and servers and computers and ports, which I can understand answers being vague becuase most people who go here I'm sure don't. However. I'm HORRIBLE at networking. (I got a D in those classes, and Ihave transcripts to prove it) So this whole Peer to peer thing is new to me. Bare with me, and if you wanna use techy terms go for it, I'll probably understand better.

So What I'm trying to figure out is what I did wrong.

I went to my routers set up and I plugged in the ports. I went to my ISP and they don't give out static IP's so I have to work with configuring everytime I get on, which is fine, I don't mind. My problem I'm having is that it's not seeing aport I KNOW Is open, because a friend of mine, who has DSL in Florida (I'm in TN) uses this port, and HER stuff downloads in a day.

So, what's the next suggestions. Where most likely would I have gone wrong?

I dont' have a windows Firewall. I turned it off as it is stupid and does nothing anyway.

I DO Have an antivirus program however, so I'll look into that.

soooooo yeah any other suggestions? Please? WIth sugar? and.. anything you want?

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