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Out of Sinc


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Ok read the help files on this forum but still can't find a fix.

The hassle I'm having after down loading "Land Of The Giants" series is that either lip/sound sinc out when I use DVD Santa or if I use 'VSO ConvertXtoDVD' the sound/lip sinc is fine but the image that I burn onto DVD is slighly jerky, very annoying to watch. I have tried only burning one episode (50 mins) to DVD instead of two just in case the compression is the problem but it has made no difference. DVD Santa make the sound out of sinc and VSO makes the copy jerky. Any ideas?

Thanz in advance


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The "jerking" you describe could be a burn problem, not an encoding problem.

These problems are common when using these one step encoding software products. I cannot teach you video encoding in a forum post, but if your converting divx/xvid tv show recordings to DVD, one common problem is the edits they often contain. When commercials are removed crudely, you will never get a good encoding untill you reedit the source files.


ps. to avoid burn issues, always shut down everything running on your computer, unplug your modem or lan connection, and burn your disc at the slowest speed your burner will support. Even if your computer verfies the disc as a good burn, your dvd player may not be able to read it fast enough to give smooth playback. This is a common problem when burning a fast speed.

EDIT: Another option would be buy a cheap dvd player that support divx/xvid, like the philips dvp642.

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It is always worthwhile to check your source material before you convert it. Any problems there will only become worse. It also pays to check after the conversion is done, but before you waste the time buring the result to disk.

The VLC player can play disk image files (.iso, .cue and others) if that's what you have. Alternatively you can mount disk images with a virtual drive (use Daemon Tools) and play it with any video DVD media player.

If you have downloaded or converted to raw VDVD format (.vob files), VLC can also play those. So check before you invest a lot of time.

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