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I have copies of all the games i own. ;)

All my backup DVD's work on my chipped PS2 but i cannot get any backup CD's to work.

I don't know if it's the software i'm using or the discs that's causing CD's not to play or is the chip not able to read copied CD's.

Any body got any ideas.

CD are just cheap Bulkpaq

DVD are just cheap Bulkpaq +R

Nero 7

Clone CD/DVD

PS2chip no idea but about 3 years old (possibly older)

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I'm far from an expert in ps2, but one of my staff at another forum is quite good, and he recommends a case mod, with a swap boot disc rather then a mod chip.

He has no problem using all discs this way.

There seems to be alot of compatibility issues with mod chips.


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