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Sound without picture


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although is customary to give details of what you downloaded when asking for help, and I don't usually "guess" at what that might be, but I'm pretty sure you need the proper codecs to view the video.

Here are some links to codec packs...

DO NOT install both...

CCCP (best for playing of files)


k lite codecs (best for playing, editing and encoding)


if you select the k lite pack, don't just install all the options, or you will surely have problems (default settings work fine for nearly every user)


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Your question is related to video encoding.

Since you did the encoding, you have the codecs, so it can't be a codec issue.

Your problem is you did something wrong during your encoding process. I would try it again, and pay more attention to you winavi program.

If you still cannot get it to work, you should contact winavi support.


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