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Can't play downloaded WMV file


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Downloaded a bunch of WMV, all of them experiencing the same problem

-I tried the WMP beta 11, it complains about digital right issue!

-I download CCCP, classic WMP, it can't render

-Zoom player said corrupt file, missing fileres, conflict ...

-VLC player just display garbage

Will listen to any suggestion, thanx. :) still trying

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I will warn you that if the files are p***, I have seen several times where they want you to go register at a p*** site to get certificate so you can play the files.

If this is the case, I STRONGLY suggest you do NOT do what they ask. I have seen this case where you installing spyware and browser hijacker, and some really nasty ones too.

Although I think deleting the files is the best option (if the above is true), but here is a link to the info you need to disable DRM.


Good luck, and be sure to post your results if sucessful (so others can learn)


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The .wmv format has no technical advantages at all. It is not in any sense "better", higher quality or more efficient. The ONLY reason to use it is because it allows DRM to be applied. So as a general rule, you want to avoid .wmv files altogether, and don't use it yourself for anything you create -- people will refuse to download it just becase it's .wmv.

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