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adding files together


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|I need help please, i downloaded a movie, into many files, now i need to know how to add the files together into one file,so that i can see the whole movie, when i click on a file i can watch the movie ,but the problem is i only see two minutes of it, from each file can you please tell me what to do.. thank you :(

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rar file

That is exactly what I need to know.

You have a multiple part compressed archive (like a zip file)

You need to download and install WinRar. You can download a free trial version here...


After trial period is over, it will give you a "nag screen" asking you to buy it, but will keep working even if you do not. If you use the following method, you won't see the screen asking you to buy.

Once installed, you can use this "short cut" to extract any compressed archive.

locate first piece, "right click", then select "extract here".

It will then extract all of the parts in the archive.


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There's a fairly new (and free) app out there called "7-Zip" which will handle both .zip and .rar files, and supposedly does better compression on zip files than WinZip. So far I'm pretty happy with it, and I like having a single app for both sorts of files.

I do want to take this opportunity to observe that there is NO POINT to putting video files into a .rar archive. Try it yourself, then compare the size of the .rar file to the size of the original video. They're the same, or so very close as makes no difference. Bandwidth saved is zero or entirely negligible. That's because modern video formats are already as compressed as they can be.

It doesn't provide greater accuracy either, because bittorrent is constantly checking the integrity of each piece as it is received.

Cutting a large file into smaller pieces used to be necessary for Usenet, but it serves no purpose at all for bittorrent, and the pieces are always too large for Usenet anyway.

Preserving directory structure is also unnecessary, because bittorrent can easily transmit entire directory trees intact.

Putting a modern video or audio file into an archive, and chopping the arcive into small pieces, is simply a waste of your time and of everyone who downloads that file. So if you are ever creating a torrent yourself, don't do this. Make sure that your .rar file is significantly smaller than the source, because if it isn't you're just spinning your wheels.

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