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PLEASE help me before i start to cry... how do i get this zip file to play??

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hey,could some good samaritan please tell me how im going to get this game to play...

Torrents\[PC Games] GTA 3 - Grand Theft Auto III PC RIP (work PERFECLY).zip.torrent

i think ive opened it with winzip and have an icon for it on my desktop now,

but when i click on it, it seems to go into a folder with what looks like files

of the game like..audio,read me,config settings and setup etc. ...

big time stuck..any help mucho appreciated.

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When you opened this torrent via Windows Explorer. Did you only see 1 file?

Or did you see numerous files inside?

Though, by reading your post, it appears that you tried to open the single file with Winzip alone. This is probably an image, so head to this guide:


Install Alcohol120% and try mounting that single file (instructions within that topic).

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hey,thanks for taking the time to reply to my wails.

im still totally confused after trying to use alcohol 120%,

i think im going get some alcohol to chill me out and go back and download it again

and do it step by step.

this is my first p.c. that i only got about a month ago and my first time using bit comet

,and although i seem to manage download and play music and films fine,

im stumped as to getting the games to play.

away to go cry into a bottle.

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