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Yesterday I downloaded Bitcomet 0.74 and now I'm downloading something but I've been looking for 15 minutes at my download percentage and it actually goes down!! I started it at 61 %, and now it's 51,5%. It just decends when I'm looking at it. Is there something I don't know??

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I am a bit confused at your report.

When you begin a download, it starts at 0%, so it must have gone up (at least at first). So at what point did it go down?

Also, when you now restarted it in version .70, is the percentage going down during the rehash period? or the download period.

Attaching a screenshot would be helpful if possible.


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First , it went up to about 60%, then I downloaded 0.74 and it started going down so i installed 0.70 again, but it keeps getting down. It goes down in the actual downloading period because I saw I downloaded more (even tough my percentage tells me otherwise).

It's impossible to make a screenshot (I don't knwo why lol print screen doesn't work anymore).

getting down

Total file size: 8.16 GB

Total downloaded : 6.60 GB (1.56 GB rubbish data dropped)

Progress: 40.4%

Remaining: 4.86 GB

See something doesnt match

Maybe its because it dropped 1.56gb rubbish? but that stil doesnt explain my percentage going down at the download period or does it?

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That's an awful lot of rubbish data :huh:

Make sure that you have PeerGuardian 2 running when downloading stuff

If you dont have PG2 then download it and install it and make sure to uncheck the education block list so you dont block college kids

What you should do is stop that torrent task

Then rightclick on it and select Manual Hash Check

It will take a few minutes while it checks how much of the download you actually have

Once its finished then go ahead and start the task again and you shouldnt have the problem anymore

If you do, please reply

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That may or may not be the same problem. The hash check detected a lot of failed pieces and eliminated them, as is its job, so the percentage complete reflects only what was correctly received.

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i had a problem something like that. i have 0.67 and i havent upgraded coz it has been fine 4 me. when i download say a 700mb file. by the end of it when it has finished, 950mb has been downloaded. with only about 70mb rubbish data dropped (by the way what does that mean). when i am downloading and have already done 350mb, the percentage is only like 35% not 50% and it should be 50%. it is over downloading and wasting my limits.

plz help need help

email me at ashtonpereira@optusnet.com.au


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