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What i'm doing wrong?


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I've got 512kb/s

and my upload (from speed tests) is 56kb/s or so (varies a bit)

Right now i'm runing BitComet 0.73

And I'v downloaded 0.3% of a file and my av. download is 2kB/s for roughly 8h

and upload 10!kB/s

I've uploaded 5 times what i;ve downloaded! :angry:

The torrent has many seeders

What to do?

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First, I will assume you understand the difference between kb/s and kB/s.

For any member who reads this and doesn't, then please note that 8kb/s = 1kB/s

Internet providers measure in kb/s and bit torrent clients measure in kB/s.

Now, regarding your torrent, if your max upload is 10kB/s, that means that you must have at least 80kb/s provided by your ISP.

NOTE: It is always recommended to fully go over our settings guides to get optimal performance

If this is the case, then you should set your maximum upload to about 80%, so in this case would be 8kB/s (although I would run a speed test with nothing running except your browser).

This will free up some bandwidth for comunication, and should help your download speed.


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I understand the difference

I have written av. speed somtimes it reached 20+kB/s

I've changed my global ul to 5kB/s and now the Internet works good (then it didn't, it worked like I would have been conncting via modem )

but still my download is low 2-3kB/s (sometimes even 0 :( ) is there any way to improove my dl speed?

Thanks for the replay.

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I happen to have a question that is slightly relevent...where do you find the so-called "Remote" peers or the "Local or NAT" status?


In your list of connected peers, it will classify them as local, remote or nat.

Regarding the initial poster, I would try setting your max upload to 8kB/s.

The lower your upload, the less download you will get. The idea is to give as much as possible, but not so much that it kills your responce time.

I suggest you try running one of these torrents, and see how it works...


They are very well seeded, and should show you what your setup is capable of running.


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