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Resume previous download problem.


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I have a question, but before i ask it, i will tell what happend:

I was downloading 8.51 GB file (twenty five files in one torrent), and later on all of them were about 90% downloaded, then i decided to download the first file faster, so i went to properties of the torrent (inside bitcomet) and unchecked other 24 files, so the first one comes in few minutes, and it did come. After the checked file was downloaded, bitcomet thought that the torrent is finished and automatically stopped the torrent (because other files were unchecked), so i pressed properties on the torrent again and checked all the files which were left, but it showed that all of them have 0% done ! It started to download it all over again. My question is, if it's possible to resume the download were it was? from those 90%.

I noticed that now it's downloading over the total size, like it started from beginning, but didn't take out that downloaded number (there was downloaded around 8 GB), so now it goes over 8gb, currently its 9.21 Gb downloaded, but for real its just around few hundred mbs... oh and another thing is that, it didn't delete those .bc files from download directory, so the fact is that those unfinished files are there, but bitcomet is downloading them again without a reason.

Is it possible to resume those .bc files which were downloaded previously?

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You deleted those files when you deselected them.

If you wanted the first part to finish first, you could have just set its priority highest, as bit comet has an option to do this.

Selecting which files you want to download in a torrent is a nice feature that some advanced bit torrent clients have added, but it was never designed to play with in this fashion. These files are gone now, and you can only blame yourself.

When you reselected them, your client made new partial files, the previous files are not there to salvage.

It is possible to salvage some of the data, but every minute you use this computer you are losing more and more of the data that could be recovered. However, it would be far easier to just redownload then to scan the hard drive with recovery software.

To do this properly would require you to remove the hard drive and install it in another machine. No offense intended, but if you have the skills to salvage this data, you prob would never have deleted it in the first place, so I suggest that you just count it as a learning expirence.

If you do want to attempt data recovery, there are some programs that will boot from a cdrom, so you can scan and recover from your hard drive without installing in another computer. I still would not recommend this unless you are doing it for a learning expirence, as most people only would do this to replace data that can't be replaced.

I sometimes do data recovery for customers, however this could cost more then the cost of a new computer, and you could buy the material your downloading far cheaper.


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Just on a side note, if you still have the original unfinished BC! files, you might want to do a manual hash check and it should pick up the progress and resume. I once downloaded an RM file, it showed 100% but the file wouldn't play. Well, I already unchecked it in the task. I made a copy of the file before I rechecked it and tried to "resume". Sure enough, it showed 0% and started over. So I put a copy of the file back, did a manual hash check, and it showed 99.8%. Then I clicked on "start" and the job finished in seconds.

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