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download 100% cant c !!!!


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dear all ,

iam new here ,

and i need ur help ... plz

i download a movie .... (mpeg file)

but i cant see the movie

it says media file playback error , maybe some necessary audio/vedio codec is not installed in

your system.

what i need ? maybe media player classic ? but i download it

after that nothing happened , only that i cant use realplayer anymore.

plz help me.


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Uninstall media player classic for now

Do you need to use Realplayer for some reason?

-if you dont really need it then I suggest uninstalling it and instead download Real Alternative

Then you should download CCCP

when you install it there is an option to also install Media Player Classic or you can select No Player and just use WMP

with the combination of CCCP and Real Alternative you should be able to play just about everything using WMP or MPC

PS: you can easily find these two downloads using google

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first of all , thank you so much for your answering .

i did download the cccp and Real Alternative ,

and i tryed to wach the movie (mpeg file)

it shows that .... media file playback error ..... check ..

found real player

found media player classic

found realmedia splitter codec

this system is able to playback real media file. and nothing happened .

anything wrong ?

what should i do ?

plz help .


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I am beginning to suspect this video file is corrupt.

I suggest you do a manual rehash of the torrent you downloaded. This will replace any pieces that have become corrupt, or not fully downloaded.

I also suggest you post a link to the page where you downloaded this torrent.


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