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This is serious


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I need to know if the p2p thing is legal at all? My friends friend got busted from DC++ and he got to pay a lot of money. I dont want to get that kind of trouble so i need to know if this p2p is legal. :blink: And it would be nice if someone told me how often ppl get "busted"?

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P2P is perfectly legal. So is owning a firearm. Downloading copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder is not legal. Neither is shooting someone.

P2P is used for distribution of a lot of material, such as Open Office (great alternative to MSOffice), and is one of their fully authorized distribution mechanisms. It's also used for a great deal of shareware, freeware, and creative commons licensed material.

P2P is also used for copyrighted materials distributed without any license or agreement, for which people might get sued. As to how frequently it happens, it would depend on the person. I imagine great naivete would play a considerable role in this.

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lol I love these questions lol

My first thing I will say is check with your countries laws, as so many are different. Some countries will allow you to download anything possible, but own a firearm and you will do a couple decades in jail lol

I'm just glad I don't live there, as I own over 100... :D and don't have enough decades left to pay for them all rofl

as for downloading a retail program, movie, music album, I think you already know the answer to that question, so I'm not sure why your asking.

My personal feelings are that real criminals are companies that develope a product they stole, and can now reproduce it an infinate number of times for pennies, and want us to pay a few hundred dollars for it, and even then, we don't own it, just are allowed to use it. Now if thats not bad enough, they expect you to buy it again every few years, instead of giving us the updates it needs... Grrr...

Another type of criminal is a "so called" artist, that owns a $100million condo in the big apple, and at the same time, a block away, they keep a suite at an upscale hotel $10,000 a night, and rarely walk into either one.

And the "execs" that make much more, and cry about how they are going to go broke if people don't stop downloading their "property" lol

I say Wake the Fukk up and stop charging $20 for a stupid CD that cost you 20cents to make lol

They could make plenty of money selling their cd online for 99cents, but they don't want to lose their monopoly and their stranglehold on the entertainment industry...

I would love to start with the motion picture industry next, but if I "went there" I wouldn't be able to stop ranting lol

The bottom line is, they are not going to be able to stop filesharing. The recent protests in sweeden over the pirate bay have made that clear.

My only advice to these companies is join in. Offer your stuff in torrents, use our system to your advantage. Your days of overcharging are over, so start doing bussiness better, or go under (someone will be there to take over for sure).


*my opinions are just that "opinions". You may feel free to distribute them without fear of prosecution for violating my "digital rights" or "intellectual property"

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