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Hmmm any peers out there who downloaded . . .


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Well I am trying to download the file named "HOW TO DRAW MANGA" and there are barraly ever any peers who let me download. <_< :( I have been trying to download it for 3 days and I am up to 75.8%. Getting really anctious and wondering if anyone who has that file might let others upload at this moment. And should I disable DHT? And if so, then how?

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My torrent is fine. All others work like a charm. Its the peers. Right now 1 conected to me and helped me get about 2%. Its better than nothing. I guess I'll just wait for more to show up.

Im up to 78% but the peer who gave me the 2.2% wont give any more. I'm no pro with bitcomet or torrents so is there a way to either directly download some or find peers easily? I'm not sure if peers either come from the whole world or just near you. I live in NY if that matters/


Now there isn't even one peer! So i can't even begin to download. Man this torrent is taking to long for 220 something MB. The 1GB torrent (ff7) I downloaded took 4 - 5 hours this one isnt done after 3 days! <_<

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Although this seed is doin you a favor by uploading, but if you assume there are dozens of peers trying to download, and only he is sending 2kB/s...

it could take him days to provide you with complete file/s, and all peers will finish at same time (approx).

If he instead seeded just this one torrent for an hour at 50kB/s, then at least one peer could complete, and take over seeding.

This is another example of the futile nature of running lots of torrents at the same time.

And since your only getting 2kB/s from him, you feel you need to run other torrents, since this one is using so little bandwidth. Therefore one bad peer creates others, and so on...

I can only hope that members read such posts as this are avoid being a "bad seeder".


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