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Is this even legal?


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P.S. Nice baby peachfaced parrots. They look so tiny + cute.

Thanks for the comment about my :wub: birds.

However, I'm pretty sure your other question is not serious, as I'm sure you know the difference as to what is legal, and not legal.

I have my own opinions as to what is "right", and what is NOT right to do, however, the laws often don't agree with me on this.

I personally hate the fact that Microshit developes a product that they stole, and that they can reproduce an indifinate number of times for pennies a copy, and want us to pay hundreds of dollars for it, then buy it all over again every few years. This is just wrong...

Both of my computers have a legit copy of WinXp on them, but if I was to build a third computer, there is NO WAY I'm gonna pay for a third license for the O/S.

On the otherhand, I would never use ANY software for commercial purposes without paying for it, That is just NOT RIGHT!!!

Nor will I sell any movies, music, or programs that I didn't buy legit.

I however have no problem with downloading, trying, or using any of the above (but the laws don't agree with me concerning this).

The bottom line is that everyone reading this knows what is legal, and what is not, and each person has to decide what they are ok with doing, and not ok with.

I know where I live, every major city has people selling downloaded movies openly on the streets, and it appears that groups like MPAA have no interest in stopping them, and instead spend their efforts trying to threaten the adverage computer user that is not engaging in any profit making crime.

I think they should just accept the fact that internet file sharing will not stop, and start competing by offering their films to download at a reasonable fee, like about $1 (US), which would be pure profit to them, as I would gladly pay that for a movie, rather then download a bootleg version, or pay $20 in a store.

They are fighting a losing battle.


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No that's incorrect

It is illegal to share anything that is copyrighted without the permission of the copyright owner

most movies, games, and music are copyrighted

Sharing copyright material is a civil offense not a criminal one (at least in the US), so you can't go to jail but you can be sued by the copyright holder or their pack of lawyers(MAFIAA).

I agree with Suspect (legal does not equal moral)

-the moral thing for consumers to do is to support the artists whose products they like by purchasing them so the artist can continue to make great products

-I think it is immoral for producers to make a crappy product and then trick you into buying it without being able to try it first. I cant tell you how many crappy movies Ive gone to that afterwards I say to myself why the h*** did I waste my money on that (d*** those enticing but deceiving commercials). I wish I could have previewed the movie so I can tell the artists their product is crap by not purchasing it.

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zOMG!! Will I get sued for downloading ff7 and the movie! O.o

:blink: Only if a) You're cought and B) They decide to go after you.

Just make sure you have a good firewall running. (Norton & Zonealarm are not good firewalls). And read the comments on .torrent files before downloading them.

If you're really worred then download Peer Guardian 2 (I have a link in my sig) and set if up with these three lists: p2p, ads, & spyware. If you're in a communist country then you can also install government. And remember to turn off http block. This method is not fool prof but it helps.

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If you're running XP SP-2 (which you should be for security reasons)

Start > (All Programs) Acessories > Security Center (If is not there its over one more in System Tools)

Open Windows Security Center and you'll see Windows firewall. Turn it one with exceptions. If you the the ICS/ICF option turned on in BitComet BC will auto add it's information to the Windows Firewall without a problem. And you'll be set.

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regarding firewalls, if you want easy, the mcafee is great.

If you want secure, sygate is perhaps the best (just be prepared to unblock each and every windows system file that needs to use internet, which is kinda a pain)

Mcafee is easier cause its set by default to allow your O/S access.

I have seen a great number of noobs install sygate then uninstall it cause they can't go on the net... although thats its job, to only allow processes you approve.

Windows firewall is ok at stopping incoming connectons, but horrible at stopping programs from "calling home". Even if a program I have is legit (paid for), I don't want it connecting to the internet everytime I start it, that is just a drain on resources.


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