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GTR 2 RELOADED Torrent going backwards


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This usually only happens if your having write errors or corrupt files on your hard drive.

I would recommend you reboot your computer, then do a manual rehash of the files.

If your system is sound, this should correct the problem, but I also recommend doing a full virus scan with a good a/v, as well as a few anti spyware scans.

Then run scandisc (full scan), or another good hard drive scanning program.

If your torrent stays at this level for a long time, and there are lots of seeders listed by your tracker, then you may have a "bad" torrent...



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Stop the torrent, right-click on it, and select hash-check from the menu. But first be certain that wasn't what was already happening.

When Bittorrent clients get interrupted without being shut down properly, they'll begin hash-checking their torrents first thing when they resume, to make sure nothing was clobbered in the shutdown. A hash check is slow, and it looks an awful lot like downloading. You have to look at the status column to notice that it's doing a hash check. It starts from zero and counts upwards, in the "% downloaded" column, as its checking the file. As said, hash checking is quite slow. So somebody may see it in mid-check, and it looks like it has downloaded less than you remember, when it simply hasn't finished the check yet.

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