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For torrent with multiple files,can it be set for the program to finish one file at a time?

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Please see topic. I was hoping to set it so that the program download, or at least focus on, finishng downloading a file at a time when the torrent consists of multiple entries. Is such setting possible?

Disable all but one file in the properties and when that files done select another file to allow to download.

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Actually you may want to refrain from using coolbiker's method, because multiple users have expressed their concerns with losing their 'partially' downloaded files.

If you unclick the checkbox on a file that is partially downloaded, you will most likely lose it completely when you re-enable the download via task manager.

So...um if all of what said just then didn't make any sense XD, just follow Dark Shroud's method. It may be better to just set a single file's priority to highest.

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