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You're trying to eat the menu, not the meal; to dig a hole in the map, not the island it leads to.

The .torrent file contains only the directions for a bittorrent client to download the contents. The contents themselves are what you want to open, and they're located in your default download directory. Check your preferences to see where you've set that.

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I had the same problem. Here's how i fixed it. Go to Program files, click on BitComet, click on

"Downloads", then send the Download folder to your desktop. After your file is done downloading, open the download folder on the desktop and you can then open your downloaded file!

In doing this, all you are doing is changing the location of where the files are stored.

by default they will be in C:\program files\bit comet\downloads

If you change the default location to desktop, this will only effect future download, and won't help in any way. The problem is your trying to open the file.torrent, not what it downloaded.

Go to your download folder, and your files will be there.

Once the download is complete, bit comet is done, so don't try to open the files in bit comet.


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What we are trying to tell you is that bit comet is done its job once your file is finished downloading, and you have seeded your fair share.

Do NOT try to open the files you downloaded in bit comet.

Go to the download folder, and your files will be there.

OPen at the top and open the file but it says torrent file existed

this means you are trying to run the torrent a second time, DO NOT do this, you are done with the file.torrent, it is no longer of any use.

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