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Need a little help here.

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This problem is covered in our FAQ section.


Norton Internet Worm Protection keeps prompting me to Permit every single incoming connection for BitComet, how do I stop it?

This is a bug in Norton AntiVirus. It usually starts happening after the version of BitComet is changed when a Permit rule already exists. To get rid of the constant Norton nagging, do the following:

- Close BitComet

- Go into the Norton AntiVirus Options and select Internet Worm Protection > Program Control

- Remove the rule for BitComet and click OK

- Start BitComet and when Norton Worm Protection prompts you quickly select Permit

Norton will now remember the rule... until you change your BitComet version, at which time you'll have repeat these steps all over again.


- Dragosani

Ok , I tried this this 3 times. I removed the rule twice, and then manually configuerd the internet options , it still gives me the warning...I am using system works 2006

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Although I prefer the "uninstall Norton option", here is a proceedure that has been reported to work, so please try this...

My Norton Antivirus continually prompts me to "Permit" or allow BitComet to access the internet & network. But each time I click Permit, a new window pops up again.



  1. Open your Norton Antivirus
  2. Click Internet Worm Protection on your left tab.
  3. Next, click Program Control on your right tab.
  4. Locate/browse for BitComet, and delete
  5. Click the add button on the bottom
  6. Browse for BitComet's .exe file (By default C:/Program Files/BitComet/ )
  7. In the next box, click menu (Drop down) --> Permit
  8. Click ok.
  9. Re-open BitComet, Norton Antivirus should pop up a new window again asking you to permit/decline BitComet. Click Permit. No new windows should now pop up.

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It seems that systemworks 2006 is a little different , I had to create new rules for bit comet and bit torrent tracker...wish I could full explain ,on my 6th Petes wicked but it seems to be holding. If it comes up again Im just going to move the damn thing off screen and proceed, thanks for the help.

( it just came back...crap)

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Unless you paid for it (and even if you did) I suggest you uninstall Norton completely

do a search on google for "completely remove norton" because it likes to leave traces behind

There are many free alternatives that are just as good and will free up system resources

Here are three free AntiVirus that are good




Here are a three free firewalls that are good



Sygate v5.6.2808

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I see bitdave agrees with me.

I had a trial version of Norton, which I was happy with, and since I like to pay for programs I like, I bought a retail package of Norton Internet Security.

Before I even installed it, I started getting lots of problems with Norton (including the above).

I ended up uninstalling, and it wasn't easy to get it fully off my system. I still have the unopened package, which is worthless to me.

I will never again install their products on my computer.


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