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System freezes after 3-4 minutes with 0.70


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System Config:

Intel Dual Core 2.8x2 (PD915)


160 GB Hitachi SATA II HD

ASRock Conroe 945G DVI (All in One)

Software config:

Win XP Pro SP2 (Fully updated)

NAV 2006 (built in firewall)

I have been using 0.70 on my old system (Celeron 2.4, 256MB Ram, Win XP Pro SP2, NAV 2005) without any problem for several months. Bought a new computer yesterday, installed 0.70 and it started freezing after about 3-4 minutes of use (downloading 1 task only). The whole screen freezes and the hardisk light remained on. Out of three times I tried, I was able to stop the program with Taskmanager once, but the system was became very unstable and wasn't able to shut down. The other 2 times I had to do hard resets.

My Windows was just installed yesterday without much on it. Is this a problem with the Norton Worm Protection which replaced the Win XP firewall? I had the same thing running in my old computer.

I was really looking forward to the increase ram and hd space in the new computer but am at a lost now. Could anyone please help or at least provide me with some pointers?



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The first thing I would check is if your using any power saving features, if so, try disabling them.

Regarding Norton, I personally hate their products, but I know lots of people use them, so I think its possible to use bit torrent and norton, I just prefer to use a more bt friendly firewall, like mcafee, sygate or outpost.

at least as a test, try disabling norton. Although norton is not easy to get rid of, as a simple uninstall won't remove it totally. One of the reasons I don't like it, that and its a cpu hog.

Also, in your power saving options, be sure your hard drive isn't set to power down. Some systems can't tell that bit torrent is still using it, and I've seen this result.


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