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Connection with the peers


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Well i have been using bitcomet for a while but sorry for the 'frequently' ask question. I have 50~60kbps download speed and 20kbps upload speed normally but recently both has gone 0~3kbps.

I am using a router but l have allready port forwarded it.

No firewall except mcfee,but have gave access for bitcomet.

Using windows xp.

The trackers did sent peers, but i can't seem to connect to them.

The down/upload speed won't improve much even connected.

The number of seeds are not much but i still get 50~60kbps before untill recently.

Here is a picture of it:


I hope someone can help me with it.


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Can you please downgrade to the latest stable version 0.70

just install right over your current one, dont worry you wont lose any torrents

Also those torrents you're downloading dont have any seeds so they might not finish.

Unless the person is superseeding in which case they will only show up as a 'Peer'.

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Ok, i downgrade to version 0.70.

Now i have 7kB/s of down load and 32kB/s of upload.Better than 0kB/s but not much.Only connected to 2 seeders out of 5 and 12 peers out of 50.

Anyway thanks, at least i now know i am downloading something.

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I have to ask you how many of those torrents you are running at the same time.

with the upload speed you report, you should NEVER run more then one at a time. By running too many, you will be sending very little (if any) upload to any peer, and that would explain why your not getting proper download speeds.

I run one at a time, and see adverage speeds of 50-150kB/s, and recently had one peek at over 865kB/s

I would also go through the settings guides, and be sure to properly set your max upload limit.

and keep in mind that some torrents will be slow, no matter what you do. Mostly for the reason I just stated, peers and seeds that have multiple torrents running. Can you see the irony here? :)


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sry for interupt....i have the same problem as CHAOSTIC also.....i have use bitcomet for awhile n just tis few day tis problem happen. All my files cant connect 2 the peer although there is many peer. i am using BC 0.70.

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first,thanks for the advice.

I did set my upload speed 80% to what i have and i am running tasks together.

Maybe that is the best i can get, but, i notice there are a lot of user having the same problem "connecting to peer/seeder". Is there anything out there blocking us or some of us at certain areas are having bad connection.

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