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Parasitic Fifth Menu with Chinese symbols


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I am using BC v0.7, and I found something strange in the toolBar when I opened the program this morning.


From the above picture, you should see there is a new Tab appearing immediately next to the Help tab.

I wonder if the source code of BC program was ever released to Chinese users,

it is trivial that my BC was modified by spyware from China. :blink:

Could anyone suggest me ways to remove this Tab.

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Since a few days, i got this weird 5° menu in the bitcomet menu bar :


I tried to remove it, but cannot find where it came from.

I'm using Bitcomet 0.70, and the menu comes only after a second or two after launching the app.

The other weird thing is that there are upload and download while there is NO file in the task manager (just after starting the app).

I uninstalled cleanly the app, removed any leftover files and folder in "c:/program files/bitcomet", restarted my computer and re-installed the app, but nothing changed, the menu came back.

Any ideas :) ?

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We have learned that this is not really a problem, it is some links to chinese web pages that seemed to have added themself to all languages of bit comet.

The good news is that its nothing to worry about.

We will post more information regarding this when we have it resolved.


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