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bit comet freezing


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I have been using bit comet for a month now and it was working fine, but now the bitcomet starts to freeze up and refuses to do anything for a while then it would stop acting up until i start a new task. I tried everything even uninstalling the program and reinstalling it , installing different versions, reformating the computer everything I can think of can any one please give some advice to what to do?

Thank You

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What version where you using? If it was on of the newer ones, revert back to version .70 (last STABLE version).

If you're still having problems, please provide as much information as possible.

cassie :)

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I was using version .66, when the problem started so I tried version .70 but it does not solve the problem. When I start using the bitcomet the screen will come on and then freeze. Then after a while it will unfreeze so then I start a new task, that will cause it to freeze again. somtimes it unfreezes itself after 15 or 20 min somtimes it will stay frozen. It ususally does not interfere with other programs.

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Thanks for the advice, But the bitcomet stil freezes. I did everything like you suggested, I had even got rid of all the torrents that I was using before that was half downloaded, and got some frest new ones. The trouble starts when I first start it, It freezes up for a min or two, then it is alrght till I start a task then then it will freeze up for a while five to ten min then if I dont touch it I will go ok, but if I want to do anything it will freeze up.

Can anyone give more sugesstions?

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Can you please change it to 8. (wont necessarily help, but you should do it anyway)

Have you changed any of the settings, or are they all still on the defaults?

How fast is your CPU and how much RAM do you have?

What antivirus / firewall software do you use?

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I have a 1.73 pentium M procesor 740 and 1024 ram I use AVG free anitvirus and the standard windows firewall, all of the other setting are on default.

The culprit is most like because you have DHT enabled

It sucks your bandwith even more than your Dsl capabilty

For instance if your Dsl connection is (512Kb or 64KB DL/256Kb or 32KB UL)

with DHT on you will still the bandwidth status shooting up to (108KB DL/44KB UL)

even with No torrents running DhT will still use bandwith]

Here are the full details of my mine

1/ Bitcomet does not stick to the download/upload parameters causing freezing/stuttering of the computer - since version 60

2/ Exiting bitcomet while leeching causes BSOD crash, this kills my network connection which means I have to reboot

My system

Winme, Amd 1.33MHz

Dsl 64KB/s download 32KB/s upload

Bitcomet0.63(MaxDL/MaxUL = 55KB/21KB)

SYMPTOMS occur after BC has been running for a while.

With DHT on

* The Download/Upload bandwith status bar goes up way more than my Dsl connection is capable of eg: 108KB/44KB

When this happens the harddrive red light is constanly engaged; The whole system freezes/stutters - including losing control of mouse ie mouse is very jerky and not very responsive.

The workround is to try and stop the tasks wait till the DL/UL status goes down to 0 then exit Bitcomet.

If I want to continue to use bitcomet I will have to reboot the Os, otherwise the problems will very quickly start all over again.

Also sometimes when Bitcomet is started even when no torrents are started ie all are stopped. I still The high bandwith usuage displayed by Bitcomet

PS In the past 2 days I have been running Bitcomet with DHT disabled; and it has been running for long periods with the problems I highlighted above.

So it seems that DHT is the culprit

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